Ackuna offers translators the chance to double their credit earning for the month of January

App translation community Ackuna has announced today that they will be offering translators the chance to earn site credit on their site at twice the normal rate for the month of January only.

The site announced the launch of its site credit program back in May of 2015 to great success. Users reacted positively to the new change; for every 100 reputation point a user’s account earns, they are given $1.00 in site credit which can be used to pay for things like project promotion, contacting translators, submitting bids for private translation, pre-translating strings via machine translation, and so on. While these features can normally be purchased directly with a credit card or PayPal, using the site credit allowed users the chance to utilize the services in exchange for participation on the site, further promoting the site’s concept of “translation karma.”

To help kick off the new year, and promote its latestLinguistic Frostbite” translation contest, Ackuna is now offering $1.00 in site credit for every 50 reputation points that a user’s account accrues, allowing them to earn credit twice as fast.

Users can earn site credit by submitting accurate translations, having their translations accepted by project developers, voting on translations submitted by others, and convincing new users to sign up through their referral URL.

Ackuna’s offer ends at midnight EST on January 31st, the same as the deadline for the translation contest, so translators are advised to participate in both to maximize both their chances of winning the contest and to earn extra credit through the end of the month.

For more information, translators can view Ackuna’s FAQ page for information on earning reputation and site credit.