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Ways to Enhance Foreign Language Speaking Proficiency

Guest Post

Reading is one of the best ways to expand our vocabulary and improve spelling, but it is not enough to do it eventually, you need to be consistent. Thus, if you really want to improve and enhance foreign language speaking proficiency, you should make it a habit.

Language learning experts at SolidEssay.com recommend a few hints that will surely help you achieve your goal:

  1. Start by gathering data from a variety of sources like magazines, textbooks, eBooks, etc. Reading is a great way to spend our free time and acquire new culture.
  2. Identify specific texts and read the words you do not know out loud. Seek for their meaning in a dictionary, and look for at least two synonyms of the word in order to expand your vocabulary and learn to substitute instead of being repetitive. This is a great tool when it comes to drafting practices.
  3. Aim to learn at least 3 new words every day. When expressing yourself, try to choose terms that can be applied on a daily basis. You can create a sentence with each of these new words and when possible use them in conversation.
  4. Whenever you hear an unknown word, write it down and research its meaning. Note that curiosity is the engine that drives us to constantly learn new things, and this is no exception.
  5. Don’t just dedicate yourself to memorizing words to expand your speaking skills, it is very important that you understand what they mean and how to use them, otherwise it is just wasted time.

Word of the day

Apart from the above tips, choose a word from the local newspaper. The best way is to write it several times and when you’re talking or thinking about anything else, use that word. Repeat it out loud as many times as needed.

Make your senses work

You might want to get used to it. For this, keep in mind that repetition is a key point. Moreover, try to find alternatives that will keep you motivated. For instance, listening to music is a popular option. Try to gather melodies and watch movies in that language (do it as often as possible). If you are serious about enhancing foreign language speaking proficiency, don’t allow your subconscious get to you. Work on your flaws; your mind will record the sounds and actions related to the words you hear and see.

In no time you will begin to recognize the basics and record most used phrases. This is mainly linked to the fact that our mind is designed to make these connections. The same way a child learns to speak watching and listening, you can make it happen. Everything is intertwined. If you feel hungry, learn to say something about food. The mind of a child does not reason, yet, it is all about innate communication skills that help connect a physical sensation with a specific word.

Exercises that are timeless

Why not going for exercises that have been around since forever? A popular trick used by experts is to associate images with words. This applies to songs, too. Every single detail serves the same purpose. Believe it or not, the more bizarre the association, the better it is. So, next time you need to remember a word to become better at speaking publicly, you go ahead and make the connection! While this learning process is not immediate, you will soon realize how effective this can be to become a great speaker.

The above suggestions deserve you devote some time to improving your speaking proficiency. Before you know it, you will be able to see a huge improvement. These efforts will soon begin to show off and you will surely impress everyone.

Author bio: Jeff learned how to speak two foreign languages fluently while in high school and he is now working as the Head of college writing department at SolidEssay.com, which is a research paper writing service.





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