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  1. Françoise L'HEVEDER
    Françoise L'HEVEDER at |


    Such words/expressions are a nightmare when translationg or interpreting, thus expressing “la quintessence d’une langue”.

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  2. David
    David at |

    I would add the Arabic word “Na3iman”, which is what one would say to compliment someone after they have taken a shower, received a haircut, or freshened up.

  3. Juliana
    Juliana at |

    Yeap, Evija, you are right. We also have #4 (pochemuchka) in Spanish: “Preguntón o preguntona”

  4. Zwetyj
    Zwetyj at |

    Well, i would add a Bulgarian word that in every context will mean something different and it will be translated differently – the word is: ‘такова’ – “takova”, A simple translation would probably be: that

    1. Scott
      Scott at |

      Well, to me it sounds like how the word “shit” could be used.

      1. Lee M.
        Lee M. at |

        How so?

  5. SEO Translator
    SEO Translator at |

    Indeed, the word “duende” is used very often associated to flamenco, indicating a spiritual emotion akin to the “mysterious charm that cannot be explained by words” mentioned by Helmut that the RAE recognizes in its website.


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