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Translation Agency is Closed. You are next!

Translation industry is one of the most brutal and unforgiving industries one can ever be into. Even though so called analysts and business consultants scream about translation being a recession proof business, that the demand for translation/interpreting is vastly increasing, we, the award-winning long term fighters at Translation Services, see how not true it is.

There are at least two new victims to this day: Translia.com and WiseTranslations, and many more are coming.

These two companies have sprung up back in 2008 or so and tried to make a name for themselves with clever SEO and Google search results. They paid big bucks to AdWords and offered different price points to their clients. At some point, I even began to fear them. But my worry was not justified. As everything too good to be true, these folks came and go…

What’s the moral? You have to be in for the long-term: build and retain your team, set up a real office, train employees and set up a corporate culture. The notion of a purely virtual company as some futurists have predicted is never going to work just like Deep Blue has never defeated Kasparov in chess. There was a rumor that IBM used a human grandmaster behind the scenes to play against Kasparov! That’s how machines beat humans…

Thus, just like in chess, there are constantly new challengers approaching to claim the title. They try to undercut you with low prices such as $0.07/word, yet they pay top dollar in Google AdWords. Baloney. Time with show who the real winner is.

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