Hilarious Chinese To English Translations

By Matt Bramowicz on April 10th, 2012

Does the bird have to watch?

Asian languages often give machine translators the most difficulty in producing accurate translations.  The language structure is far different than the European language counterparts which the machine translators are based off.

While more foreigners are traveling to China now more than ever, businesses have taken to providing more English translations.  However, many have chosen to go the less expensive route by not having the translations properly proofread.

The following are some of the more egregious mistakes.

Word order is everything!

Taking the law into their own 'pimp' hand.

They missed the lessons in subtlety.

You know, one of those things.

I wonder if they have a dog...

Apparantly 干 can be pronounced different ways in Chinese. It can mean “dry” as well as “do” or “fu@%”, as in this case.

So now if you're just bad at it, you will have a file on you?

Sage advice, actually. I guess it was a big problem before for them.

So if you like getting epithets yelled at you...go play frisbee there.

That's one way to keep the crowds down to a minimum.

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