Top American Hit Songs with Foreign Languages

By Matt Bramowicz on March 13th, 2012

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To have a hit song in America you need three things:  a look, a hook, and maybe a lot of talent if you don’t have the first two in spades.

While it’s obviously true, the top hit makers in the US speak/sing English, every so often a foreign language song makes its way onto the Top 40.

It’s true, America does have its share of consistent foreign-language pop singers (Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Kesha…), but they are few and far between, and usually their English language songs fair better than their native language songs on the charts.

In anticipation of all the backlash that will undoubtedly come from any list put together with the word “Best” in the title, the list is kept to pop-culture songs only and can be in a foreign language in part or in whole.

Top Foreign Language Songs in the USA:

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1. Guantanamera

- The Sandpipers

2. Dominique

- The Singing Nun

3. Je T’aime…Moi Non Plus

- Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

4. Dimitri From Paris

- Une Very Stylish Fille

5. Bésame Mucho

- Beatles (amongst others)

6. Oye Como Va

- Santana

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7. The Ketchup Song

- Las Ketchup

8. Der Kommissar and/or Rock Me Amadeus

- Falco

9. Major Tom

- Peter Schilling

10. La Vida Loca

- Ricky Martin

11. Mr. Roboto


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12. La Bamba

- Ritchie Valens

13. Rico Suave

- Gerardo Mejía

14. Feliz Navidad

- José Feliciano

15. Lady Marmalade

-Labelle & Mya, Pink, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott

16. Llorando

- Rebekah del Rio

17. Du Hast

- Rammstein

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18. Macarena

- Los del Río

19. 99 Luftballons

- Nena

20. Time to Say Goodbye

- Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman

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