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    After over 30 years dedicated to tutor in English, teaching it as a second language and translating and interpreting from English into Spanish, I am about to leave the industry completely, as machine translation and crowdsourcing are taking the market and it’s criminal -after so many years of literally burning your lashes as a student of linguistics- to end up being paid 2 cents a word (or less) for post-editing the crap that a machine does. The industry has to get into a debacle before it recovers. We can thank all the crap to IT programmers and marketing a product that does not exist and will never ever exist, but the the ignorant buy. I used to work for a while for a translation company that did the dirty work for a project management company. I am mesmerized on how ignorance has taken the market by assault! And how the dirty minds of money makers tell the kings and queens that their robes are beautiful when they are really naked! Good riddance, translation industry! This is the most frustrating job I’ve ever had!


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