Facebook to Add New Button: “Translate”

Facebook, always the purveyor of new buttons, is in the works to add to their already growing list of ‘Like’, ‘Share’, ‘Send’, etc. with the new ‘Translate’ button.

Designed to take up position on the comments section on people’s pages, the ‘Translate’ button was created to give people the opportunity to read comments in other languages. This allows users to break the language barrier that inherently exists on a site that links hundreds, if not thousands, of people together in a community of over 750 million users.

As the web moves forward with globalization and multilingual sites, translation solutions have fast become a growing need. While the facebook ‘Translate’ button doesn’t translate the entire facebook site, only another user’s comments, it helps unite its users which is the main goal of translation anyway.

Users click the Translate button to translate a comment to the language that the user’s account page is set to. Once the translation is completed, an Original button will appear. The user can then click the button to get the text back in the original language.

However, like any machine translator, the facebook Translate feature is far from perfect. The translation may not be 100% accurate, and sometimes it may even show an error that reads, “There is no translation available for this story at the moment,” zdnet.com reports. However, this is still a useful tool not only for users just wanting to know what the one foreign language comment means or as a way to communicate with users overseas on a fan page, but also for businesses who may be spending money to translate their fans’ comments on their business page.

The facebook Translate button is still in development, but will probably be added officially sometime in the near future. In the meantime, you can still use Ackuna.

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