Web 3.0: Beep-Bop, Boop-Bop

By Alex Buran on April 5th, 2011


Reid Hoffman, founder and chairman on LinkedIn, is the new Nostradamus of the Internet. In particular, the development of Web 3.0. You know, because Web 2.0 is so five minutes ago… Anyway, Hoffman says Web 3.0 will be a future of killer robots that eats smartphones for breakfast. Just kidding. It’s not nearly as interesting.

Web 2.0 is defined by the social aspects of the internet, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, FourChan, FourSquare, FourFour (?), etc. It’s fun! Web 3.0 will be fueled by data of two kinds: explicit and implicit. Explicit, being socially shared information. Implicit, being the information collected behind the social curtains. Companies will start to analyze and track industry popularity along with user-related data, leading to more refined trending. Less fluff, more cool stuff.

Hoffman made a point of defending the privacy of users in lieu of these coming changes, saying that information should lead to more information- and, you know, not identity theft and harassment.

So far, I’m pretty excited about the potential of Web 3.0. I can’t wait for my computer to tell me what I want for breakfast.


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