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Facebook Like Button Has A New Motto: Sharing is Caring

The Social Network loses a ton of Oscars and instantly strikes back with a new annoying feature. Shocking!

You can’t just “like” something on Facebook anymore. You have to REALLY like something- enough to want to share everything about it with all of your Facebook friends. With the latest update to the Facebook Like Button, when you click that seemingly insignificant button, a regular fanfare of information related to that simple click is instantly posted to your profile for all the world to see.

Headlines and summaries and thumbnails, oh my!

So, that article you just read about Justin Bieber’s new haircut better be worth it. Because, the second you click that like button- well, your temporary lapse of literary judgement is shared and illustrated in great detail on your personal profile. Lucky you!

In a way, it takes the irony out of liking things just for the fun of it. Which also means it’s kind of like taking the fun out of Facebook, especially for trolls like myself who express themselves through slur-footed jokes and veiled ironies, including a vast array of irrelevant and obscure pop-cultural references that may or may not be of great interest to them… me. Thanks a lot, Facebook.

The funny thing is, I like Facebook because it embodies my overall embrace of a commitment-free lifestyle. Facebook and I are like friends with benefits, so this new update is a little suffocating. Why can’t we just take it easy, Facebook? Basically, the Facebook Like button wants to take this relationship to the next level. And I’m not ready. Back off!

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